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2017 Project Information: Brett Foster Camp

BCTS Merritt / BCTS Ft. St. James / Silvicon-Burns Lake

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2017

NOTE: Gareth Imrie & David Basterfield crews ONLY will be starting in Kelowna. Meeting time for these crews only is 1 pm on Thursday, April 27 at Mission Park Motor Inn 3399 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna

Start-Up Schedule:
Brett Foster Camp 2017
Meeting Date & Time :

Sunday, April 27 1:30PM

Penticton Greyhound
307 Ellis St. Penticton, BC

First Camp Meal:
BBQ Dinner on Sunday, April 23 at 6 pm
Start Planting:
Monday, April 24

BCTS Vernon / BCTS Merritt / BCTS Ft. St. James / Silvicon Burns Lake

Crew Bosses:
Francis Dobri / David Basterfield / Gareth Imrie / James Lobb/ Jack MacDougall / Sonia Demarchuk-White (6-pack) / Bobby Lyttle (6-pack) / Heather Sidaway (6-pack)
Deliverer: Nick Kleiner
Safety Officer:

Chelsea Bennett

Quality Checkers:
Melissa Fournier
Head Cooks: Chelsea Tough
Assistant Cooks: Stefanie Proulx
Estimated Start & Finish Date:
April 24 - June 30
4 days on 1 day off
Crew cab, ATV
59 planters (4 full crews, three 6-packs)
Camp Location:

Bush Camp # 1 Penticton

Bush Camp # 2 Loon Lake-Hwy 97C 

Bush Camp # 3 Princeton 

Bush Camp # 4 Ft. St. James
Camp Costs:
$25 + GST for Bush Camp
Mandatory Equipment Required
by all planters on this project:
  • 3-Season Tent
  • Hiking boots in good shape with deep tread soles and good ankle support (No running shoes or light-weight hikers!)
  • Caulk Boots are highly recommended. There will be some blocks with steeper slopes and heavier slash where Caulk Boots will be needed.
  • 2 Silvi-cool Sacs
  • Planting Bags
  • Planting Shovel (blade must be at least 20 cm long--NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • 5 Litre Water Jug
  • Thermal Coffee Mug
  • Supply of all-weather clothing (rain gear, toque, gloves, warm jacket, sweaters, etc)
  • Work clothes must be in reasonable condition
  • Weather-proof bag for the block
  • Watch (know what time it is on the block)
  • Notebook to keep track of your own tallies
  • Warm Sleeping Bag & Thermal Mattress (nights can get very cold)
  • Please note that dogs are welcome, but any aggression against humans will not be tolerated
  • NOTE: POLICY CHANGE: PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN Mug, Cup, Plate, Bowl &,Cutlery and take responsibility for their cleanliness. The comunal system has been deemed unhygienic.
  • Reminder: Blocks will be assessed for whips and brush that may present an eye hazard. Some blocks will require the use of protective eyewear. You can use your own wrap-around style sunglasses, or Coast Range will supply you with CSA approved safety glasses.We strongly suggest bringing your own that you know are comfortable.
Equipment Supplied by Coast Range:
  • Safety Whistle
  • Hardhat (when necessary)
  • Safety Glasses (when necessary)