Coast Range Contracting Ltd.

Crew Driver Information 2017

Thank you for offering to be a Crew Driver with Coast Range this season. Your responsibility is a very serious one. The transportation of our workers is our greatest safety concern. For this reason we ask you to follow the following steps to prepare yourself for driving this season.


1. Email a copy of your valid driver's licence.

2. Go online to your provincial driver's licencing authority and request a copy of your "driver's abstract". It may have a different name depending on the province you live in, but this is a record of your driving history and any infractions. Please email that to Garth as soon as possible.


3. All crew drivers are asked to attend two days of training on April 20 (Driver & Quality Training) and April 21 (S100A-fire suppression training). Training will be at our new yard at 2892 Barriere Lakes Road (10 minutes outside of Barriere, BC—which is 45 minutes north of Kamloops on Hwy 5). You are asked to arrive on the evening of April 19 by 6 pm. Dinner will be served. We will be camping at our Barriere yard for these training days. There will be showers, outhouses, heaters, and your cook will be cooking for us.

Besides the regular Driver Training, the Crew Driver will receive Quality Training to enable them to properly throw and record quality plots (among other things). The idea is that if the Crew Boss is in an ATV-access block and gets behind on quality checking, the Crew Driver could drop the bags for a couple of hours and provide, real, properly recorded, feedback to the Crew Boss. 
The Crew Driver will be paid by the hour for the hours that she/he was monitoring quality. The hourly wage will be based on your average hourly earnings for the project.  The idea is that any lost production of the Crew Driver should be made up by improved quality and drastically reduced quality fines. This pay will be calculated at the end of the spring / summer seasons and paid with the bonus.

We definitely do not foresee the Crew Driver checking trees every day of the season—the amount of time the Crew Driver spends assisting the Crew Boss will be variable and project/block dependent. It will certainly involve clear communication between the Crew Boss, the Supervisor and the Crew Drivers. The goal here is to get full quality payment from our clients. We want to minimize quality deductions and put that money into the hands of the Crew Bosses.

If you have questions about anything, just email Garth at:

4. Click on the PowerPoint presentation for each of the 2 tests below. Watch the powerpoint presentation (when the file is opened, press F5 and click the mouse to advance to the next screen). When finished, click on the test link to take the test. Test answers will be automatically sent to our office - where they will be kept on file:



Thank you! Here's to a safe and highly productive season!