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Pre-Season 2017

Last Updated: March 27, 2017


Food Preference Form

ALL MANAGEMENT-- CLICK HERE (Password-Protected)

ALL CREW DRIVERS -- CLICK HERE (Password-Protected)

All Planters: See Below for Mandatory Information & Tests:

1. Online Training & Tests

(Must be completed online before you arrive at camp)

Please click on the link below to review mandatory training information and multiple-choice tests. Please follow the instructions to view the training information and ensure that your 8 completed tests are sent successfully. If you experience any problems with this, please contact Garth.

MANDATORY -- Information & Online Tests (click here)

2. Pre-Season Training Program

Pre-season conditioning designed specifically for tree-planters! Increase your production and avoid injuries by showing up in shape to plant.

Check this out!

Fit to Plant -- Pre-Season Training Program

3. Coast Range Safety Programs & Hazard Awareness

Please review the following links. This information will be reviewed at your project start-up and you will be required to sign off on your training before planting begins.

4. Pre-Season Information

Please click on the links below for meeting times, start dates, and other essential details of your planting project.

5. Personal Vehicles at Camp

S.O.P. Safe Bush Road Driving for Personal Vehicles
(Please review this if you plan to bring your PERSONAL VEHICLE to camp)

6. Address or Personal Information Change

Whenever you relocate and acquire a new address, email or telephone number, send us the new information with this quick and easy to fill out an Information Change Form. Throughout the year we send out packages and any changes in your address would help us keep in touch with you.